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Painter | Illustrator | Musician

I Have a Dream

Julian Allen is a 25 years old Illustrator, Painter, and Musician. He has been drawing since the young age of 2 and has done various commissions in pencil and charcoal all across the Lower Hudson Valley region of New York when he was in High School. At age 19, he learned how to paint over at Hartford Art School and has been painting ever since then.

As a painter, he has recently been paintings about family; family found and family lost over the years. He wants his viewers to connect emotionally with these paintings. The goal is to create unidentifiable figures that people can look at and visually remember events shared by their family or loved ones. "As human beings, we all experience different things and events that happen in our lives which could cause us to be happy, depressed, angry, etc.. It’s good when we can all relate to our emotions and certain events once in a while."

As an Illustrator and Musician that knows music theory and can play five instruments, he loves to create illustrations that reference diverse musical genres and performances such as jazz, hip-hop, and reggae. Recently, he has taken a liking to design stamps and designing other forms of publications like posters and postcards. In the future, he hopes to find work in the advertising, editorial, and music illustration market.

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